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The Story: A Song of Silver Crow  - delivers to Native Americans living in this time and space a sense of how their own lives in the current world are tempered by richness of our traditions and spirituality. The blending of a great worldwide action/adventure story, with the wisdom of native teachings of so many cultures that still (and maybe always will) work in today’s life and the experiences of a “half-breed’s” lifetime is a fascinating read. I had to pace myself or I would have spent 48 hours straight reading and nothing else because it was so engaging. It is great story that will leave the reader’s heart and mind completely satisfied. It did for me.

A. Wabsetoset Cobb

About Onefeather's Readings

About Onefeather's Novel   "The Story: A Song of Silvercrow"

“The Story: A Song of Silvercrow” is a mind-altering romp through the parallel worlds of Native American culture and the ancient Near East. Mystery, mysticism, travelogue, cookbook, quest, comedy, 

no one who enters this kaleidescopic kingdom will emerge the same."


T. Kazanjian

Just finished reading the Story: A Song of Silver Crow...What a great read!  John Le Carre has nothing on Silver Crow! After I started, could not let it go until I finished it. 

I look forward to further adventures of Charlie and his cohorts!

Y. Baruch
"Were do I start with all the wonderful wisdom that Chris has given to me. I talked to him back in 2009 when my mother almost died of a ruptured colon. She was in ICU for two months. Chris and all his insight helped me to realize that she would pull through and to stay positive throughout this medical tragedy. Chris listened to my cries and heard all my desperate pleas for her to live and pull through. Thank you my great friend!! 

​His words still help when I need his insight."


Amalia T.

What Clients Say

Amazing and TRUE! I have had the pleasure of many discussions and readings with Onefeather and he never ceases to amaze me with the honesty his readings bring within myself that I have always wanted to discover or understand. Just ask him about my "King of Swords" experience that really gave me a smile from ear to ear that was so in the moment!


Kristen M.


Mr. Onefeather's reading for me was very informative but most importantly ACCURATE. I have had a few readings with him and every time I have had one, each thing he told me would happen actually happened. 

A rare thing to come across nowadays in the spiritual community. 

I highly recommend scheduling a session with him!

 Michael N.


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Dr. Charles A. Eastman, born Ohiyesa (Santee Sioux) Chapter 4: Barbarism and the Moral Code, The Soul of the Indian: An Interpretation, 1911:
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​Chris Anderson (aka Onefeather) has been doing intuitive counseling using Tarot cards and Astrological Chart casting since 1970.



~She went into the woods with three strips of silver rawhide thirty inches long,         from a barren doe killed to feed her people...