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Astro-cartography: The Astrology of Relocation

Time for a change? Consider using your birth data as a foundation for relocation. Doing an astrological map of where your personal planetary influences are most enhanced can be the key to realizing your best possible move into the future. Chris will examine the most benevolent locations and then do a relocation chart for you that will provide you with all the info relevant to your next step forward. This is a 30 to 40 minute session

Onefeather uses either Skype or free conference call.com for your session in order to be able

to make a MP3 recording of your reading available to you for future reference!

Astrological Chart Casting   

Combining the natal, progressed and current solar return the recipient of this reading is presented with a vast amount of information and insight in regards to current prevailing energies as well as to the soul's reasoning for creating the conditions one is dealing with in their day to day life.

Chart Casting



a 45 minute to 1 hour interpretation session with Master Onefeather

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Lavishly illustrated by the author, The Story: A Song of Silver Crow is the narrative of a descendant of Indian and White ancestors, a man raised and educated in the prevailing White Man’s society... yet schooled in the ways of the Red Man by his Native American grandfather. Charlie Silver Crow is given to utilizing a variety of spiritual disciplines in his commitment to assisting the world around him heal and transform, including A Course in Miracles... often turning to "the book" for insight and inspiration. Hip to the living conditions of Twenty First Century America and of a mystical and intuitive bent, Silver Crow recognizes he’s being drawn into a quest that will eventually aid in resolving his personal inner conflicts and those of the two races of his origin... presenting the world with a new paradigm for life; a new understanding of the transcendental nature of truth. Aware of First Nation legends of a pale-skinned healer who had walked among “the People”, Silver Crow has long held this teacher of peace and forgiveness in great respect. A revered part of their history, the legend has been passed thru oral tradition by storytellers from generation to generation within his and many other tribes on both continents. He realizes why, upon first encounter with the White Man, the Indians found the Gospels of the Apostles to be familiar... even comforting. The Story is the tale of elemental wisdom, inspiration and optimism that takes the reader from a cottage on a small lake in the backwoods of Wisconsin to Jerusalem, the spiritual heart of three of the world’s great religions... and beyond. Packed with intrigue adventure and mayhem, the pace is sensuous, engrossing and rich in detail, often filled with rational conjecture and verifiable yet little known fact. Secret societies like the Illuminati and the Knights Templar run a dark current of opposition to the quest, seeking to gain control of or destroy the prize being sought by Silver Crow, his client Timothy and their cohorts along the way.

The Story - A Song of Silver Crow

The Metaphysical Tarot Workbook

Intuitive Chris Anderson (also known as N’got M’kwan [Onefeather], his Potawatomi name) first began reading the Tarot in 1969... having returned from service in Viet Nam and preparing to reengage in American life. Picking up the cards and allowing his connection to Higher Source be the guiding force, he simply allowed himself to become absorbed in the stream of consciousness that flows through his life and the lives of those around him. Having been raised in a Native American as well as the mainstream culture, Onefeather was well aware of the forces of the Divine and trusted that Source to guide his interaction with the cards. Over the years he has been a patient source of support for all those who came to him seeking insights and information to help understand and transform their life. Now, forty years later, the wealth of experience and illumination that he has collected over time is available to the seeker on the journey to inner realization and awakening... having written a book that is filled with information and insight, humor and wisdom. The ruminations on the cards and his wit and acceptance of life on all levels brings the reader to new levels of perspective and self-acceptance. This is a book that is to the point, concise and a continuing source of reference for all levels of Tarot reading, a true gift to everyone who wishes to evolve with the coming times of awakening.

Written Works

Intuitive Tarot Readings

Chris Anderson (aka Onefeather) has been doing intuitive counseling using Tarot cards and Astrological Chart casting since 1970. Possessing a foundation in Jungian psychology and having been initiated in mystical Native American methodologies by his grandfather during his youth (a full blood Potawatomi), Onefeather nurtures and supports his clients on both the physical realm as well as the metaphysical.

Intuitive Tarot

15 minute Reading


15 Minute Reading with Onefeather

Intuitive Tarot

30 minute Reading 


30 Minute Reading with Onefeather

Intuitive Tarot

45 minute Reading 


45 Minute Reading with Onefeather

Intuitive Tarot

1 hour Reading 


60 Minute Reading with Onefeather

Tarot & Astrology Services

What can I say about the great Onefeather. When he and I met over 3 years ago I had really no idea who this man was going to be to me. I had seen him on Facebook with other astrologers and there was something very magical and mystical about him. Chris came into my world during such a huge crisis in my life. Work was failing. My health was failing and I was living in the perfect storm. I was living in a world that felt so foreign to me. With the help of Chris and his support and patience I began to learn that this transformation was bigger than me. His perspective was so profound and I learned that there was such a bigger purpose going on and life began so shift and the real healing could begin. It was about keeping the faith with spirit and having as Chris says radical trust. Chris is not only my teacher but a great friend too. Countless times he has been there for me at my darkest and I have become a huge fan of astrology because of him. He utilizes many techniques in his practice and feel they all fit together perfectly. It all ties in together how we are one with the universe and with Chris' loving and calm demeanor there is no better advisor I would seek. He is a gentle, kind and a brilliant man and I'm so lucky our paths crossed when they did. It's been one heck of a journey and with Chris' assistance I'm truly blessed to call him a friend and recommend him to anyone seeking love, support and clarity!
Many blessings always.

Intuitive Counseling 

The Story: A Song of Silver Crow is currently out of print

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Onefeather Journal

Fool's Crow prepared for any spiritual or healing act with this simple ceremony. He taught that the cleaner the bone, the more powerful the healing. Medicine People do what they do for their community and nation, all personal aggrandizement is shunned.

"We are called to become hollow bones for our people, and anyone else we can help. We are not supposed to seek power for our personal use and honor. What we bones really become is the pipeline that connects Wakan Tanka, the helpers and the community together. This tells us the direction our curing and healing work must follow, and establishes the kind of life we must live. We have to be strong and committed, otherwise we will get very little spiritual power and will probably give up the curing and healing work... Curing a single individual is only important in terms of what this teaches the entire community. This community must continue to know that Wakan Tanka, and the Helpers are always with it, and that it need not be afraid."

Everyone encounters crossroads in life, times when transformation and evolution presses upon them, often amidst turmoil and chaos. When these times arise having a "sounding board", someone who can help the traveler gain higher ground and broader vision can be the key to the speedy awakening to a better life. Having done various types of counseling for more than 45 years, Onefeather has shared life experiences with countless clients as they go through the process of chrysalis, emerging into a life that gives wings to their dreams and desires. Grounded in A Course in Miracles and centered on the ethic of implementing a non-dualistic way of living, the elimination of self sabotage and outworn patterns is brought to clarity, making the process of change easy and natural.​

The suggested donation for a one hour session is $ 80.00

Contact Onefeather at wonefeather@gmail.com or use the "contact" tab on this website for additional information about pricing as well as booking a session.