~She went into the woods with three strips of silver rawhide thirty inches long,         from a barren doe killed to feed her people...


Intuitive Tarot & Astrology Tune-Ups

​Chris Anderson (aka Onefeather) has been doing intuitive counseling using Tarot cards and Astrological Chart casting since 1970.
Dr. Charles A. Eastman, born Ohiyesa (Santee Sioux) Chapter 4: Barbarism and the Moral Code, The Soul of the Indian: An Interpretation, 1911:

Our Philosophy

Amazing and TRUE! I have had the pleasure of many discussions and readings with Onefeather and he never ceases to amaze me with the honesty his readings bring within myself that I have always wanted to discover or understand. Just ask him about my "King of Swords"

...an experience that really gave me a smile from ear to ear that was so in the moment!


Kristen M.,


Mr. Onefeather's reading for me was very informative but most importantly ACCURATE. I have had a few readings with him and every time I have had one, each thing he told me would happen actually happened.

A rare thing to come across nowadays in the spiritual community.

I highly recommend scheduling a session with him!


Michael N.,


What Clients Say

Robby Romero

about the environment, indigenous peoples and child rights.

Interview w/

Peter Buffett

Emmy Award winning musician, social activist and son of...


(pronounced Mar-ko-may) is a gifted Canadian singer...

​Onefeather Journal
Shkote'nsi (Fire Spirit)

Welcome to Onefeather Journal!

The cyber-repository of various writings, interests, and activities of Onefeather (Chris Anderson).

My Native American heritage, my spiritual adventures and my social causes are collected here; frequently updated, with interviews and personal ruminations.

Over the last sixty plus years, I have watched as the world has evolved from a conglomeration of separate and uncommunicative cultural islands, to the era of the internet. This has no doubt become a unifying epoch of human awakening, enlightenment and self-discovery.

It is my wish that my observations of the journey I've enjoyed through time and evolution be shared and referenced for future ancestors. 

Hopefully Onefeather Journal will edify and amuse as well as be a source of further bonding between all my fellow pilgrims here on Turtle Island!

Have fun exploring! Feedback, as well suggestions or connections to relevant additional resources are welcome and may just become an addition to Onefeather Journal!

Native American

Naming Ceremony

The Latest Edition of ​Onefeather's New Series: Visions, Dreams and Insights!